5 Ways to Lower Prolactin Naturally

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Prolactin is a hormone released from the pituitary gland, Its function is to milk production during late pregnancy and during breastfeeding. ‘Pro’ means to produce, and ‘actin’ means lactation or milk.

High Prolactin levels can cause some complications such as infertility, PCOS, and irregular periods. High Prolactin levels can cause weight gain and weight plateaus So, what are some ways to lower prolactin naturally?


Balancing blood sugar is a good way to lower prolactin naturally. High prolactin levels can cause insulin insensitivity and fat storage. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, oats, vegetables can lower blood sugar levels. Essential fats such as omega 3, fish oil, nuts and seeds help to decrease insulin resistivity.


High prolactin levels can be a signal of chronic kidney disease or liver malfunctioning. It’s good to get your diagnose done which help to detoxify the blood. If you have higher levels of prolactin without any reason then get the test done.


Alcohol in general is a factor that increases prolactin levels. Drinking alcohol can cause disruption in hormones and inflammations in the body. It increases stress levels in the body. So if you are struggling with high levels of prolactin, decrease the intake or completely stop the intake of alcohol.


Being physically active is a way of life. It’s very important to move your body and be mindful of it. How are you feeling, is there any pain in the body or discomfort? Try to keep in check with your body and listen to the body.  Mindful movement encourages you to listen to what exercise your body wants to do, instead of pushing yourself to do something which you do not really enjoy, then it won’t help you. It’s very important to love your workout and do an effective workout. There is a difference between being active and doing exercise. Being active means you are moving your body and not sitting the whole day. Exercise is aimed at muscle groups and body parts. The key is to really engage with your mind and body without any distractions or thoughts. This type of exercise is beneficial to lower prolactin naturally because it is a form of eliminating stress.


Stress management is very important when you are planning to go on a path of a healthy lifestyle. When we are stressed, we release high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. In response to this, our body tries to protect us from perceived stress. For body stress means danger, so high prolactin levels try to increase the immunity of your body to combat the situation. Additionally, a study found that females, who were exposed to any childhood trauma, are more likely to have high prolactin in later life. Ways to manage stress include, getting more sleep at night, eating meals more frequently, meditation, mindful and gentle exercise.


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