A Role Model : How Dt.Gagan Lost 18kg after pregnancy

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Pregnancy, an unusual yet special phase of life that every woman experiences. Looking at a small set of cells, turning into a beautiful life is a special experience. The challenges start on the day of conception. Food choices, eating cycle, physical activities and much more. Hormonal changes also make a hit in your body. Everything becomes baby-centric and you stop looking around the changes your body undergoes. Fat deposition, bloating and scaly skin takes the back seat. The journey of 09 months brings huge transformations. Though mothers get the best gift they do the sacrifice with their body as well. For many, it’s very hard to reverse that. Transformation after the delivery is one the most difficult and slow process. You can get the things done as you do in regular fitness programs. Feeding baby, recovering the nutrient losses and getting back to normal hormones proves to be the biggest barriers.

Gagan, who herself became a mother a few years back made a fantastic come back. She lost around 20kg in 8 months after her delivery.
Sharing Top 5 tips to get back in shape for all the mothers:

1. Acceptance:Accept that you are a mother now. Try not to base your life around losing the weight. Focus on caring for and loving your baby. Don’t put yourself last, but realize that stressing about it won’t help.

  1. You are as beautiful as you were: Look at yourself differently. Instead of thinking, “I’m so huge” think that my body gave birth to a cute baby, my body could run a marathon, etc. Don’t be discouraged if the weight doesn’t fall off immediately. It will take some time. Think of it instead as getting healthy — it takes some of the pressure off. You already have done a mammoth task of your life
  2. Belittle meaning: Don’t be afraid to put yourself first. It won’t snatch your motherhood. As Gagan worked full-time, she felt like she needed to be there for her child every second I was home — She felt guilty going out for a walk for 30 minutes. Eventually, it hit her that they wouldn’t love her any less and she wouldn’t be any worse of a mom. If you’re healthy and happy, it’s better for your kids in the long run. If you are healthy and balanced you child will be healthy for sure.
  3. Watch what you eat during pregnancy: The more weight you put on, the more you have to lose. As per Gagan, she only ate fast food about 10 times when she was pregnant. Surprisingly she indulged in eating chocolates, cakes, and ice cream sometimes, but she mainly snacked on baby carrots, dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, and bananas. Cut out soda and stick to water, tea, coconut water, and some fruit juice. Going for a walk and exercise almost every day will be surely recommended.
  4. Seek Help: If you can’t eat healthy on your own, stick to a diet program. And have a good support system otherwise it won’t work. Surround yourself with people following healthy eating.

Dear Mothers, your baby can be magic for you, but losing weight is hardcore reality. You have already dealt with super responsibilities. You are super moms. Weight Loss will take time to be prepared. GO for it. You will surely make it.


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