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About the dietitians?

This article can help you find the best dietitian in Chandigarh. Dietitians are qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. They use the most up-to-date public health and scientific research on food, health, and disease, which they translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices. 

Why might you see a dietitian?

Here are some examples of where dietitians can help improve your health and lifestyle by working on a one-to-one basis:

  • You suffer with digestive problem
  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, coeliac etc.
  • Your child has specialised nutrition requirement
  • You are in want for or need to lose weight in a safe and sensible way
  • You need to put on the weight following ill-health or as the result of a medical condition
  • You are considering surgery to lose weight
  • You think you have an allergy or intolerance to some food
  • You would like advice about eating disorder

Do I Need a Nutritionist or Dietitian?

If you have diabetes, what you eat, can have an impact on your health. The right kind of diet can help steady your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Eating well can also keep you at a healthy weight. But it’s more than just eating the right foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, some dairy) and staying away from others (fried foods, food high in salt, sweets, drinks high in sugar). How much you eat and how often you eat is also a concern? A dietitian / nutritionist is a specialist to help you figure out a plan for all those things.

Gagan Sidhu is the best dietitian in Chandigarh you can trust. She has already proven her work by devoting her 12 years in serving to help people by researching and providing the best solution. Dietitian Gagan Sidhu is a preacher of happiness and self love. She believes in short-term goals that help accomplish balance in the long run. She believes in a holistic approach towards life that not only helps to keep oneself calm but mitigate the production of hormones that lead to better skin, hair and health. 

Dietitian Gagan will never just hand you a file of diet charts. Since 2013, her clinic has grown under clinical Dietitians, Ayurveda doctors, dermatologists, skin experts, emotional and lifestyle counsellors and it continues to grow. She has expertise for disease management diet plans. 

Dietitian Gagan Sidhu offers various programs for diet management mentioned below:

Her clients share their journey after achieving their desired goals. Check the official website of the Dietitian Gagan Sidhu for the success stories of her clients. You can also check out her youtube videos for the latest and updated information and tips to improve your daily health regime.


Get Your Personalised Diet Plan Today by Famous and Best Dietitian in Chandigarh

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