Digestive Disorder


We understand that changing your lifestyle long term requires more than fad dieting. So, Dt Gagan has designed the Digestive disorder program which revolves around balanced nutrition, optimum exercise, emotional balance, and good sleep. With our holistic approach there is no temptation to buy unhealthy products, worry about meal plans or stress about complex recipes.  We include healthy food options which improve gut health and detox the body from toxins which heal the stomach leading to the cure of digestive problems. With this program, you will feel that your stomach is healing and your digestion is getting better. Stay assured as our Clinical senior dietitians are experts in treating digestive disorders​.

Key features of Digestive Disorder Program

Personal attention by experts

You will be assigned a Senior Dietitian, a relationship manager, and a Personal Whatsapp group with your Senior Dietitian, Relationship manager, and fitness expert.

Consistent reporting and updates

Weekly follow up calls with senior dietitian, relationship manager and fitness expert to review progress

Focus on the 4 pillars of health

Focus on the four pillars to health: balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, good sleep, and stress management

Bi-Weekly personalized diet plans

Bi-Weekly Personalized diet plans designed specifically to achieve long term goal based on your lifestyle.

Addressing the root cause

Working on the root cause of the problem and improving quality of life in a sustainable long-term manner.

Regular Detox plans

Regular Detox plans are shared to help support your body’s repair mechanisms. Detox plans help to detoxify and cleanse your body.

Expert Support

Get unparalleled Expert support from our team of Dietitians and Fitness experts round the clock.

Stress Management course

Get access to an exclusive 4-week Stress Management online course by Dt Gagan.

How it works ?

Some of those we have inspired

Some of those we have inspired