Eat less get fat

Have you ever heard that eating less can make you fat? No it’s not a joke. As per DietitianGagan, “all diets work and all diet fail”. Everyone is so eager to weight and running behind in the search of healthy diets.

When we start on,we usually start burning the calories and eventually fats which are stored in our body. The procedure lasts for some days. The happiness gets little extended. Eventually you hit the weight loss plateau, when there is no more weight loss. The things become static. And the bottom line is weight lost is not lost forever. The tendency to fall back and gain kilos is quite frequent. But what goes wrong? Is it wrong eating? There is state called metabolic shut down. The prolonged low calorie intake weaken you metabolism. This becomes a serious issue and shut down the further weight loss. Only option which is left is – Starvation. This is a practically impossible option.

How to keep a balance between a good diet and exercise is the biggest challenge. Doing rigorous dieting is no option. Check out what can be done for an ideal weight loss.

  1. Know your basal metabolic rate ( BMR ) and do not eat less than than BMR
  2. Maintain muscle mass by indulging into some kind of strength training or body weight exercise at home.
  3. Protein intake should be optimal to avoid any muscle loss.
  4. Build a good metabolism with a proper sleep and less stress.
  5. Start Reverse diet- Slowly increase the calorie intake to boost your metabolism
  6. Don’t starve and kill your metabolism

DietitianGagan has been researching from so many years to build best diets for individuals. As per h experience, no one has lost weight only with diet. There are so many other factors that come into play. They are usually noted by a professional. Dietitians usually put emphasis only on healthy diet. What about exercise. Include exercise as well. A great metabolism can defend anything you eat. A poor metabolism can make you fat even if you are not eating anything.


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