Side Effects of Dieting

The benefits of being at a good weight are undeniable; Losing just five to 10 percent of your body weight can help you work on your general health and reduce your risk of medical problems such as heart disease, erectile disease, and diabetes. But there may also be some difficulties that appear when you lose a lot of weight with limited ability to focus in time, especially if you are following a diet.

The popular fashion is to consume fewer calories by eating fewer carbs which are guaranteed to help you get in shape within seven days. There are many benefits that can increase your energy level, such as better skin and hair and a better lifestyle, etc. The negative effects that come with it can vary and depend on their journey to lose weight. Here are the symptoms of losing too much weight that you should be aware of.

Dieting is the act of eating in a controlled and managed manner to reduce, maintain or increase body weight. This is the cognitive control or limitation of the eating routine. A limited eating routine is often used by people who are overweight or obese. Eating low carbs in a solid way is always helpful, yet many people rely on Craze Count Calories to guarantee an easy solution to what’s adversely affecting their health.


Should you go on a diet?

If you’re figuring it out and wondering: “Thus, is it hard to be thin and keep it off?” In any case, restrictive eating regimens can adversely affect your psychological health and it is very impossible to lose weight quickly enough to work long hours. Assuming that losing weight is important to you, here are some pointers that will help you go a long way.


Common Side Effects of Long-Term Dieting

Nutrient deficiencies: Severe eating disorders indicate deficiencies in many supplements such as starch, protein, nutrients (especially vitamins A, D, E, and K), and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. These are basic nutritional categories and their absence in the diet can lead to various deficiency diseases.

Changed mood: – By eating too few carbs, our body does not get the proper amount of food. This can affect our temperament as a result of hormonal changes and low levels of glucose. To the point when very little energy is consumed, the body feels more drained and may feel in a bad mood.

Gynecological problems:– Eating less junk food can lead to rapid weight loss which can prompt the female body to lock down all the extra stamina abilities. It can also adversely affect the menstrual cycle.

Slowed metabolism: – When slimming involves an abnormal reduction in calorie consumption, it can induce a sub-optimal ability in the body to burn calories. The body goes into self-protection or starvation mode when it feels like it’s not getting enough calories. The body dials back in to maintain its digestive power, and this means the body can store fat in either case but at the same time use the bulk for energy. Easy back digestion indicates tired weight loss with low muscle-to-fat ratio levels along with few muscle-to-fat ratio levels.

Hair loss – Low-calorie diets have been linked to hair loss, as nutritional deficiencies prevent your hair follicles from working properly, which can lead to hair loss. Nutrient deficiencies can affect both hair structure and hair growth. Effects on hair growth include those seen with acute telogen effluvium, sudden weight loss, or decreased protein intake.

Headaches: Another consequence of risky, rapid weight loss is recurrent migraines. It is indicated that you eat a traditional dinner, drink plenty of water while exercising, and prevent migraines.

Constipation: This is a condition of compulsive defecation and eating very little junk food is extremely common. It is advised that you increase your consumption of fiber in cases such as green vegetables, and organic products, and in this case, it is highly possible to consume a lot of water.

Gallstones: This is an important consequence of a low-calorie diet. When the body gets into shape too fast, the liver starts discharging the excess cholesterol. This can cause enough cholesterol in the bile to cause gallstones as well. Gallstones can cause pain in the upper midsection, pain in the back, and similar side effects such as nausea, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, and severe gas.



There are many ways to get in shape very quickly but these are not beneficial and create confusion. Eating the right diet and even eating under the guidance of a dietitian/nutritionist is the key to solid weight loss without any sudden side effects. If you want to lose weight without all these hassles, then consult Gagan Sandhu, the best dietician in Chandigarh today. He has many years of experience in this profession. For more details, connect with us through the details given below


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