Skincare Routine Based on Ayurveda Doshas

Skincare Routine Based on Ayurveda Doshas

“Ayurveda means ‘science of life or longevity’ in Sanskrit shows the benefits of balancing the whole body, supporting digestive health, optimizing energy, emotional balance, sleeping pattern, and treating the whole individual according to their body constitution. “Ayurvedaconsiders not just the person individually, but also the environment that they live in.

Simply put, it is a holistic approach to a healthier and longer life – the kind that our ancestors lived. It is based on three key concepts which are Nidana (the diagnostic measures), Ahar (food that acts as internal medicine), and Kaya Chikitsa (body treatment).

Ayurveda Restore Your Natural Radiance from Within

Beauty is not in a potion or in a magic pill. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way – you just need a little natural touch and here comes the role of Ayurvedic care. The face is one of the most important areas that you need to take care of because all five senses are located here. At Ayurvedic Healing is done with exotic herbs, foods that are pure, and beauty care that is natural and simple. Let us go deeper into Ayurvedic Doshas and its relation to skincare.


What is Ayurveda Dosha?

Ayurveda looks at the skin differently. When it comes to skincare, the glow of a person’s skin is considered a reflection of their lifestyle. Also, the quality of the skin is determined by a person’s Dosha, which is the energy believed to circulate in the body. Skincare is personalized based on these doshas whether you chose home remedies or buy products.

What are the three Doshas?

The 3 doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and to restore skin health, we need to balance these doshas or energies.

. There are various factors that can throw a person out of balance such as stress, pollution, seasonal changes, hormonal imbalance, and so on. For a person to be healthy and glowing younger-looking skin, they need to balance their DOSHAS along with lifestyle (Diet, exercise, good sleep, and stress management)

Ayurvedic body type and skincare regime BY DOSHA

“There are a few signs that will help you to determine your dosha based on your usual skin type:

DoshaSkin ConcernsSkincare Regime
Vata doshaThin, dry, delicate, prone to fine lines and wrinkles, uneven and fine pores. If this dosha is imbalanced, it tends to lose its plumpness and show signs of aging.Day regime Facewash- Cream-based or non-foaming cleanser to remove dirt and dead skin. Serum- Vit C rich or Multivitamin Serum. It should be cream-based Moisturize– Use light and cream-based to hydrate the skin. You can use Our collagen cream or orAge combat cream ( It has retinol, hyaluronic acid, and Vit A which works on your fine lines and aging signs).Sunscreen- SPF more than 40 for protection even when you are at home. Night Regime- Cleanse thoroughly and apply B3 Glow serum followed by Collagen or night cream. This will restore and rejuvenate your skin hydration Collagen cream which gives a boost to collagen production leading to skin glow and natural glow
PittaIt is extremely sensitive, soft, warm, and of medium thickness. Their body type is less tolerant of hot and spicy foods. When out of balance, this skin type can flare up with breakouts, rosacea, a sunburn, acne, and pigmentationDay Regime Cleanser – mild and or can be medicated, follow with cream-based serum- B3 Glow forever Moisturizer – Collagen cream followed by Spf (40+). Pitta skin type needs sun protection to stay balanced. Cooling and healing herbs like Aloe Vera, Rose, and Jasmine help soothe and nurture the skin as well. You can also apply these herbs on skin mixed in ubtan or Chandan Night Regime- Clean your face and apply Glow forever serum on face and eye revive around your eyes and leave it.
KaphaIt is oily, dull, thick, has a tendency of enlarged pores. If imbalanced it causes hormonal acne. Since their skin is oily, it attracts more impurities from the environment.Daycare Cleanser- Salicyclic based or gel-basedMoisturizer– Use gel-based and oil-free moisturizer followed by Sunscreen- gel-based SPF (40+) Night Regime Cleanser again to clean your face. Followed by B3 Glow forever serum enriched with Zinc that helps to cover up your pores  

An important tip for all skin types – Never forgets the under-eye area! Use the Eye revive cream by G-Leuhr, every night before applying your moisturizer. Take a small amount and lightly dab it under and around the area, with your ring finger.

#EssentialTip: Use the G-LeuhrWheatgrass and Veggie herbs to enhance your nutrient absorption. These herbs are high in antioxidants which reduces aging signs such as wrinklesfine lines and boost collagen production resulting in firming up your skin for a more youthful and glowing look.

Alongside these external skin manifestations, however, there are many other holistic factors that will align you more closely with one dosha than another, and based on that what we should eat in our diet to balance our energies and skin problems from within. This we will cover up next week.


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